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During the last years the Ladin Cultural Institute "Micurá de Rü" realized  major lexicographic projects. In this way a big gap which lasted over the last centuries could be filled and the requests made by the population could be met.

These projects came and come into being also thanks to the generous support of the Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse (a foundation).

Working with lexicography means ordering all existing Ladin words in an electronic data bank, in order to use them in a second moment for the publication of various bi- or monolingual dictionaries.

The personnel of the Institute deals during its translation activity steadily with word-coining.

In order to consider the varieties of all Ladin valleys in a better and more equal way than before the Project "VoLaNet" has been founded. It consists in a data bank which should coordinate the formation of neologisms (the coining of new words) between all Ladin varieties, what until now happened in an inadequate extent. In future the data bank "VoLaNet" will be accessible to everybody on the internet. 

Moreover "VoLaNet" should work as a discussion forum for all persons who work with the Ladin language and as a place to take decisions about the best possible standardized application of the neologisms.