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The Institute fulfils the following tasks:

  • the scientific study of the language, the history and the culture of the Ladin people of the Dolomites in collaboration with national and international universities, scientific institutes and cultural societies with common aims. The promotion of the use of the oral and written Ladin language should take place together with the schools of the Ladin places and the Ex Ladin Pedagogical Institute; 
  • the cultivation of the culture, the customs and traditions, the art and the songs of the Ladins and the promotion of all those means which preserve the oral and written Ladin language: the mass media, publications, cultural events and specific education which enriches the general knowledge;
  • the setting up of an archive with documents, photographs and tape recordings;
  • the setting up of a specialized library for researches on the Ladin language;
  • improvement of the relationship between the Ladins of the Dolomites and those of the Grisons and Friul.

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