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Scientific journal “Ladinia”

The “Ladinia – Revista scientifica dl Istitut Ladin Micurá de Rü” is a scientific journal published annually by the Ladin Institute “Micurá de Rü”. It reports the results of important scientific research about the Ladin language of the Dolomites, of the canton of Grisons (Switzerland) and of Friuli, and considers the historical development of the Ladin area starting from prehistory up to the present date, including also other topics concerning the Ladin valleys.

The journal contains various articles written by experts in Rhaeto-Romance studies who deal with language history, etymology, linguistics, lexicology, dialectology, sociolinguistic, folk music, art and literature.

Moreover, the journal gives space to reviews of other publications that concern the Ladin area and to articles published in similar journals.

The main aim of this journal is to provide new stimuli and to give impulses to the study of the Ladin language and culture, especially in the academic world, both in Italy and abroad, in order to give to the Ladin language the prestige necessary for the conservation and development of this minority language.